Don’t Underestimate Me!

Action Against Sexism by Executor:

I run a company with my husband. We are both equally owners and directors, and have hired a dozen employees. One day, in the absence of my husband, our office’s landlord dropped by. He greeted me, then asked my colleagues : “Where’s The Boss ?”. I answered (with a big smile): “I’m here !”…


Spoiling James Bond, a family pattern

Action Against Sexism by Feminist Agent:

When I was young, I used to enjoy watching James Bond movies with my family. But my father would always spoil our pleasure with negative comments: a man in the military, he would highlight and explain how unrealistic the action stunts and spy games were.

Now I do spoil my family’s pleasure of watching James Bond movies: a feminist woman, I highlight how unrealistic and stereotyped the portrayal of women is…