Fighting Sexism Feels Amazing

Action Against Sexism by Jess:

Three days ago on my way to work a man in his 40s or so whistled at me.

I stopped and said, “Excuse me?”

He seemed very shocked that I called him out and said, “Uh, you look good.”

All I could reply was, “You don’t whistle to women in public. It’s impolite.”

He wandered off obviously embarrassed. But all that day I was still so angry and wished I had reacted more strongly. I hate this. I kept thinking to myself all the things I could’ve said. Just because I am a young woman does it mean I solely exist for public consumption!

Yesterday I was again whistled at while leaving work.

Once again I said, “Don’t whistle at girls in public.”

The young man smiled at me and said, “why not? You’re good looking.”

This time I didn’t hold back and told him to Fuck Off.

It felt amazing.