I Asked These 2 Idiots To Think. Tough!

Action Against Sexism by Sarah:

I was walking to the bus stop on my way to work after a doctors appointment and two men were moving furniture from a van parked on the road, to a house very close by. As I got closer they were stood in the front yard staring at me. They started making kissing noises and shouting hey sexy, the usual cr*p. I have never been able to ignore or tolerate this type of behaviour so I told them where to go. This really pissed them off, first off they started saying ‘what the fcuk is your problem’ then moved on to calling me a miserable bitch. I asked them if they thought it was intimidating to shout sexual things at a woman in the street and they just couldn’t understand what I was on about. I wish I had kept my cool but i was so angry I did become very verbally aggressive which I regret. Things escalated and they one guy actually wanted to hit me but the other held him back. As stupid as some people may think it to risk your safety on idiots like this, I will stand up for myself or others every time. I don’t think my actions will have changed these 2 mens attitude to women just maybe they will think before shouting something next time. If they always got that reaction then it wouldn’t be much fun for them!