Groping Licence Revoked

Action Against Sexism by Stranger in Delhi:

I live in Delhi and always hire taxis from the same taxi stand in my locality. This morning the driver was new and greeted me warmly. He soon turned out to be a bloody molester. While pretending to entertain me with a friendly chat and an English speaking radio program, he proceeded to grope my arm, my lap and my breast.

He was also rude to his wife over the phone, probably assuming I don’t understand Hindi. There was an uncomfortable contrast between the casual conversation he was trying to maintain with me in English and the latent violence of his speech to his wife in Hindi.

When I became sure that his groping attempts were intentional, I firmly demanded that he should stop. He first pretended not to understand what I meant, expecting that I would be too embarrassed to develop. He got a straightforward answer in Hinglish: Don’t harass me sexually. I’m a woman, I want respect.

Ironically, the radio was airing a program about women’s safety in the city, with live testimonies. I told him to put louder and to listen.

He apologized, called me his “sister” and stopped misbehaving.

Later he asked for a tip. Did he think his penance deserved a reward? It didn’t: respecting me a as a human being is normal, and is not a favour for which I should express gratitude. So I refused.

This manipulative attitude reveals that this guy must be used to assaulting / objectifying / abusing women, as long as he doesn’t meet resistance. So I also reported the matter to his boss and advised him not to send him with female clients anymore.