Reclaim our HERstory

Action against sexism by Brooke:

This isn’t exactly sexism against me, it’s more sexism against the great women of history. See I’m in high school , and I’m a sophomore in AP world history. My world history teacher and our entire curriculum fails to ever go over what women helped to do in history. We only focus on the as what my teacher said “the important people” of history. We never discuss all the good things Queen Elizabeth did , or any of the amazing women who spoke out against Apartheid. Like Helen Joseph’s and Winnie Mandela. I was very upset about this and the only things I could think to do was refuse to do certain assigned that only focused on men. Like we’re learning about Nelson Mandela , and everybody knows Nelson Mandela was a staunch supporter of woman rights , so you think just maybe some thing would be mentioned at all in any of our lectures. I don’t know what to do about this I kind of want to create a giant petition and send it to the school board but I need help.