Street Harassment Backfired

Action Against Sexism by Sosso:

Once upon a day, I was walking on the street normally dressed (should I even notice that ?!!). A man was standing some meters toward me, I could feel already his eyes on me, so I felt embarrassed. When I passed in front of him “you are such a charming lady, waow !” with his looking from up to down. I was ready, I stopped “no, I don’t accept that” (with a smile). He was so happy “come on if you stop, you like !“. I said “no it’s a lack of respect, imagine me when you walk watching your ass or boobs (because he had some) and whistling you ! You wouldn’t feel respected“… “It’s not same, you’re a woman“.. “Exactly, imagine I did that to you EVERY DAY !!!” And walked !