Snatching Victory from the Snatchers

Action Against Sexism by Wanderer:

Two guys riding a motorbike tried to snatch my bag while I was walking in the street. The pillion rider softly grabbed my handbag while the other accelerated. I instinctively hold on to it even though it didn’t contain any valuables. I had to run few steps, dragged by the speeding bikers, until they gave up and dropped the bag (and me: I brutally fell head first on the ground).

It went so fast all the bystanders but one thought I had been hit by the bike. Despite the concussion, I found myself with a feeling of satisfaction, having resisted the attack and retained my belonging…


Spoiling James Bond, a family pattern

Action Against Sexism by Feminist Agent:

When I was young, I used to enjoy watching James Bond movies with my family. But my father would always spoil our pleasure with negative comments: a man in the military, he would highlight and explain how unrealistic the action stunts and spy games were.

Now I do spoil my family’s pleasure of watching James Bond movies: a feminist woman, I highlight how unrealistic and stereotyped the portrayal of women is…



Paid Sex is about Submission not Attraction

Action Again Sexism by Blondiewoolfie:

My colleague came greedily to talk about the new DSK’s girlfriend story he read about: “maybe he’s paying them in order to appear as a seducer”, he tells me.
I answer: “maybe, but this is still horrible: how much would *you* be paid to sleep with him?
– I don’t know, I could sleep with Angela Merkel!
– But with DSK?
– I could, with Angela!
– I asked about DSK
– But I’m not homosexual!”, he tells me…
Then I explained him that he needn’t be attracted to have paid sex, it’s just something you bear.


The Unthinkable

Action Against Sexism by Auntie:

I was discussing with my 17-year old nephew his plans for the future, namely his wishes to study management and to work abroad. He also mentioned his desire to marry a woman from his community. I asked him what he would do if his wife didn’t share his dream to live abroad. He jokingly replied: “well, she will be under my control, so…”.

Then I asked him what he would do if he was offered a nice work opportunity in Singapore, while his wife was offered a nicer opportunity, with a better salary, in Washington: who would be “in control” then, and who would adjust to the other one?

He admitted he didn’t have an answer. I guess he still has few years more to think about it!


Groping Licence Revoked

Action Against Sexism by Stranger in Delhi:

I live in Delhi and always hire taxis from the same taxi stand in my locality. This morning the driver was new and greeted me warmly. He soon turned out to be a bloody molester. While pretending to entertain me with a friendly chat and an English speaking radio program, he proceeded to grope my arm, my lap and my breast.

He was also rude to his wife over the phone, probably assuming I don’t understand Hindi. There was an uncomfortable contrast between the casual conversation he was trying to maintain with me in English and the latent violence of his speech to his wife in Hindi.

When I became sure that his groping attempts were intentional, I firmly demanded that he should stop. He first pretended not to understand what I meant, expecting that I would be too embarrassed to develop. He got a straightforward answer in Hinglish: Don’t harass me sexually. I’m a woman, I want respect.

Ironically, the radio was airing a program about women’s safety in the city, with live testimonies. I told him to put louder and to listen.

He apologized, called me his “sister” and stopped misbehaving.

Later he asked for a tip. Did he think his penance deserved a reward? It didn’t: respecting me a as a human being is normal, and is not a favour for which I should express gratitude. So I refused.

This manipulative attitude reveals that this guy must be used to assaulting / objectifying / abusing women, as long as he doesn’t meet resistance. So I also reported the matter to his boss and advised him not to send him with female clients anymore.


That’s How Things Are Gonna Work

Action Against Sexism by Feminist India:

Got cat-called by two guys on the road and they got called assholes. Yes, that’s how things are gonna work from now on, boys. And men who stand by and look at women being cat-called, SHAME ON YOU.


Street Harassment Backfired

Action Against Sexism by Sosso:

Once upon a day, I was walking on the street normally dressed (should I even notice that ?!!). A man was standing some meters toward me, I could feel already his eyes on me, so I felt embarrassed. When I passed in front of him “you are such a charming lady, waow !” with his looking from up to down. I was ready, I stopped “no, I don’t accept that” (with a smile). He was so happy “come on if you stop, you like !“. I said “no it’s a lack of respect, imagine me when you walk watching your ass or boobs (because he had some) and whistling you ! You wouldn’t feel respected“… “It’s not same, you’re a woman“.. “Exactly, imagine I did that to you EVERY DAY !!!” And walked !