Your Story

I can still remember my first experience of sexist humiliation, when I was a child. I could feel it was unfair. But I didn’t realize until recently how isolated it left me, the only girl in a group of laughing boys and seemingly indifferent adults.

As an adult, I now feel compelled to react when witnessing a sexist action. Staying silent sends the wrong message to children :

  • It teaches boys that it’s OK to misbehave with girls.
  • It teaches girls that being discriminated against is part of being a girl, implying that they’d better adjust to sexism rather than resist it.

Ultimately violence against women is silenced and toned down. It serves the very interests of male oppressors, while respectful individuals may not even be aware about the extent of sexism.

It is urgent to break the vicious cycle and say NO to sexism.

It shows that sexism can no longer be tolerated. And it feels great, too!

Share positive stories of fighting sexism and shouting back at misogynists !
Tell us what you did, said, or thought. Or what you will do next time:

Your stories will be published below and will inspire others. Thank you for taking action!


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