Welcome to Occupy Sexism!

This page is dedicated to girls and women determined to reclaim their rights and space.

We all have to deal on a daily basis with sexism, be it misogynist sarcasm, rape culture, social control, gender discrimination, sexual and mental harassment, hate crimes against women. We are the target or the witness. Or just a collateral damage.

We were taught that these are non-significant incidents, accidental encounters, harmless jokes. Or that it was our fault. That we should accept it. As if being subjected to misogyny was just part of being a woman.

We should not attempt to curb male violence, not even name it. But…

This is Operation Occupy Sexism. We are Women. We are 3 billions. We do not comply. We do not tolerate sexism. Expect us.

Share your success stories of fighting sexism and shouting back at misogynists !
Tell us what you did, said, or thought. Or what you will do next time:

Your stories will be published below and will inspire others. Thank you for taking action!


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