Welcome to Occupy Sexism!

This page is dedicated to girls and women determined to reclaim their rights and space.

We all have to deal on a daily basis with sexism, be it misogynist sarcasm, rape culture, social control, gender discrimination, sexual and mental harassment, hate crimes against women. We are the target or the witness. Or just a collateral damage.

We were taught that these are non-significant incidents, accidental encounters, harmless jokes. Or that it was our fault. That we should accept it. As if being subjected to misogyny was just part of being a woman.

We should not attempt to curb male violence, not even name it. But…

This is Operation Occupy Sexism. We are Women. We are 3 billions. We do not comply. We do not tolerate sexism. Expect us.

Share your success stories of fighting sexism and shouting back at misogynists !
Tell us what you did, said, or thought. Or what you will do next time:

Your stories will be published below and will inspire others. Thank you for taking action!


Reclaim our HERstory

Action against sexism by Brooke:

This isn’t exactly sexism against me, it’s more sexism against the great women of history. See I’m in high school , and I’m a sophomore in AP world history. My world history teacher and our entire curriculum fails to ever go over what women helped to do in history. We only focus on the as what my teacher said “the important people” of history. We never discuss all the good things Queen Elizabeth did , or any of the amazing women who spoke out against Apartheid. Like Helen Joseph’s and Winnie Mandela. I was very upset about this and the only things I could think to do was refuse to do certain assigned that only focused on men. Like we’re learning about Nelson Mandela , and everybody knows Nelson Mandela was a staunch supporter of woman rights , so you think just maybe some thing would be mentioned at all in any of our lectures. I don’t know what to do about this I kind of want to create a giant petition and send it to the school board but I need help.


Ways to deal with Eve-teasing

Action against sexism by Street Smart Girl:

Yesterday the medias reported 12 bizarre tips issued by a Kolkata police station. They basically burden women and victims with the responsibility of stopping street harassment, instead of targeting the perpetrators.

Ways to deal with Eve-teasing (police’s tips for women):

1. Dress decently.
2. Have emergency speed dial numbers in your phone.
3. Self defense.
4. Aware of people around you.
5. Avoid late nights.
6. Carry pepper spray.
7. Be well behaved.
8. Stay in groups.
9. Avoid travelling in crowded bus or train.
10. Avoid going in isolated places
11. Walk in well-lit and frequented areas.
12. Be street smart.


Dear cops, you have now removed them from your website. Why don’t you upload new tips targeting teenage boys and men, the usual perpetrators, for a change? Let me suggest my dozen tips:

Ways to deal with Eve-teasing (woman’s tips for men):

1. Act decently. Your attitude should send a positive message.
2. Have emergency speed dial numbers in your phone in case you witness eve-teasing.
3. Self control.
4. Respect people around you.
5. Avoid late night if you won’t control yourself.
6. Carry a smart phone and pin the creep if you witness any eve-teasing.
7. Be well behaved. Don’t harass others.
8. Stay in groups and encourage each other to behave.
9. Avoid travelling in crowded bus or train if you won’t control yourself.
10. Avoid going in isolated places so women can enjoy there safely.
11. Walk in well-lit and frequented areas so women will see you from far away.
12. Be street responsible.

Let’s STOP street harassment.



They failed to silence me

Action against sexism by A Student in Paris:

I was 19 or 20. On three occasions men spat on my face after I confronted their aggressive behaviour (towards me or others).

One was a young pickpocket, one a sexual predator and the last one an angry guy believing he was entitled to extra space in a compact crowd. Spitting on my face aimed at punishing me (and intimidating witnesses) because I quietly stood through their menacing speeches and glare.

They failed to silence me. I may have been scared but I hid my fear, because their violence revealed their narcissistic weaknesses. Violence is always an admission of failure.

I’m mentally stronger than violent men. And I’m getting stronger and stronger every day.


Fighting Sexism Feels Amazing

Action Against Sexism by Jess:

Three days ago on my way to work a man in his 40s or so whistled at me.

I stopped and said, “Excuse me?”

He seemed very shocked that I called him out and said, “Uh, you look good.”

All I could reply was, “You don’t whistle to women in public. It’s impolite.”

He wandered off obviously embarrassed. But all that day I was still so angry and wished I had reacted more strongly. I hate this. I kept thinking to myself all the things I could’ve said. Just because I am a young woman does it mean I solely exist for public consumption!

Yesterday I was again whistled at while leaving work.

Once again I said, “Don’t whistle at girls in public.”

The young man smiled at me and said, “why not? You’re good looking.”

This time I didn’t hold back and told him to Fuck Off.

It felt amazing.


I Asked These 2 Idiots To Think. Tough!

Action Against Sexism by Sarah:

I was walking to the bus stop on my way to work after a doctors appointment and two men were moving furniture from a van parked on the road, to a house very close by. As I got closer they were stood in the front yard staring at me. They started making kissing noises and shouting hey sexy, the usual cr*p. I have never been able to ignore or tolerate this type of behaviour so I told them where to go. This really pissed them off, first off they started saying ‘what the fcuk is your problem’ then moved on to calling me a miserable bitch. I asked them if they thought it was intimidating to shout sexual things at a woman in the street and they just couldn’t understand what I was on about. I wish I had kept my cool but i was so angry I did become very verbally aggressive which I regret. Things escalated and they one guy actually wanted to hit me but the other held him back. As stupid as some people may think it to risk your safety on idiots like this, I will stand up for myself or others every time. I don’t think my actions will have changed these 2 mens attitude to women just maybe they will think before shouting something next time. If they always got that reaction then it wouldn’t be much fun for them!


Don’t Underestimate Me!

Action Against Sexism by Executor:

I run a company with my husband. We are both equally owners and directors, and have hired a dozen employees. One day, in the absence of my husband, our office’s landlord dropped by. He greeted me, then asked my colleagues : “Where’s The Boss ?”. I answered (with a big smile): “I’m here !”…


Vote for a Woman? Yes, You Can!

Action Against Sexism by Citizen Jane:

Presidential election and family debate, some time back. I mentioned discrimination faced by female candidates: their skills are always questioned and their physical appearance always scrutinised.

My dad argued that there was no more gender discrimination in our country: “Proof is that you can vote for a woman if you want!”.

“But Dad, YOU can also vote for a woman! As long as men don’t imagine voting for a woman, women don’t stand a chance to win elections!”

Got no answer. Come on, Dad, if men have led women for so many centuries, a woman can also lead you one day!